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Fieldtrac is an effective field force management and tracking software that offers greater visibility and control of all activities occurring in the field. Designed to work based on GPS technology, Fieldtrac offers a convenient and efficient way for managers to track the productivity and performance of the employees working in the field.

Task Scheduling

Manager can schedule the tasks for each day so that employees are aware of the priority tasks even if they are not in the office. Once the field executive completes the task, he can update the information on the application, so that the manager will immediately get an alert that the priority task is completed. This helps in the complete removal of paper work pertaining to daily reporting.

Custom Forms

Using Fieldtrac an organization can design custom forms on the fly as part of configuration. These custom forms can be mapped for different roles in an organization. These custom forms can have different field controls as required by the organization. These forms would form the basis of data entry for the sales team while entering the activities pertaining to sales/service activity.

Sales Force Tracking

Fieldtrac effectively tracks your sales force by tracking start time, in-time and out-time at the client location and the activity carried out at each client location. When the field work is completed for the day, the app can be closed with end of work.

Follow Up Scheduling

Sales team would be able to mark follow up date and time and reminder time can be set. If any meetings require additional team members participation, those team members can also be invited for the meeting through the calendar. If the person accepts the meeting, the schedule gets created automatically with the reminder time and the alarm would be raised at the appropriate date and time for all the people concerned with the meeting.

Flexibility in Data Entry

The data pertaining to a sales/service activity can be entered at the client site or can be grouped and can be entered at a later part of the day. Wherever the internet signal is not available, still the location can be tracked using the latitude and the longitude of the location when reaching the server at a later point.

Easy Conveyance Calculation

The travel during the day by the team members is tracked for the kilometers and shows the data to finance for payout on manager’s approval. There is no need to claim conveyance allowance separately by the team members.

Comprehensive Report Generation

The time spent at the client place and number of visits made to the client can be viewed through reports. Fieldtrac can generate dynamic reports based on the data that are captured in the custom forms.

Fieldtrac can be integrated with any third party software like Sales force, Sage CRM, SAP, ORACLE CRM, etc for relevant data integration.

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