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Field tracking has become an important requirement for any company that employs sales or service people. Field tracking app allows manager to keep informed about employee client meetings and the distance travelled for a day.

Field tracking app also helps the manager to understand the time spent by an employee across various clients. Web based Field tracking features allows the organisation to generate various dynamic reports from the data captured in the filed tracking GPS based mobile app

Field tracking app helps the manager to locate his team on the map which would help him guide the team to visit new clients near the place of his location

Field tracking app helps the finance to calculate the exact number of kilometres travelled to arrive at the conveyance calculation.

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Fieldtrac allows you to punch your attendance in & out with your first & last call respectively.

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Field staff can flag each of their meeting so that no disturbance from the line management; conversely the office team can send critical context specific data to the sales personnel to support the meeting outcome.

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Fieldtrac shares the distance travelled on field that day to enable automated daily travel expenses as per the rules of the company.

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Fieldtrac dashboard lets managers and team leaders stay completely on top of their teams –locations, scheduled & completed visits, visit route plans, meeting outcomes and more.  

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Fieldtrac consists of an instinctive & simple GPS based mobile app along with a powerful web-based dashboard that come together to form an effective Field personnel tracking, supervising & reporting system.

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Fieldtrac covers everything to do with tracking your sales force & other field teams, to optimize their time most productively whenever on field.

Field Tracking

Field tracking is required for all companies that have feet-on- street personnel. Field tracking app brings with it the functionality of GPS based tracking of an employee working at different locations. An employee may work in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, NCR, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon or any part of India. His work location starting from his home until he completes his day’s work can be completely tracked. This GPS based system brings total transparency in an organisation where an employee cannot fake his presence in the market.

This field tracking app is activity recording app and not equivalent to any CRM

Sales team Tracking

Field track app enables an organisation to track its entire sales force working in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Telengana or any part of India. A manager can view his team member location with his photograph in his mobile app through the GPS functionality. The GPS function enables the manager to locate the team member in the map which enables the manager to take a decision whether an employee is actually working in a designated place or not. Employee and the manager can also know the kilometres that an employee has travelled in a day with as many stops at various client locations. The time spent at the client location can also be seen by the manager

GPS Tracking

Since the Field tracking app uses the GPS functionality, the phone needs to be switched on and must have internet all the time to know the precise location. Where the internet signal is not adequate or not there, the mobile app tracks the location through the latitude and longitude coordinates. Any ordinary touch phone with GPS functionality is good enough for this purpose.

Field force Tracking

Field force will be used for sales, service or any site based work. In case of service, call center will always know the location of an employee through this GPS enabled field tracking app. This allows the call centre to allocate a task to an employee closes to the location where he is working. This ensures that the call gets completed on the same day thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction and also saves the travel cost to the company. This GPS based tracking is real time and greatly improves the productivity of an employee making him spend quality hours on the field
FieldTrac is the best GPS based field tracking app that is available in Chennai, Hyderabad, Telengana, Bangalore and all over India with great accuracy. The field tracking app can be configured to the needs of the organisation. The data entry forms and the reports are dynamic where there is no need to customise for each customer.

Location Tracking

This field tracking mobile app also helps in locating an employee in case of any emergency. Exact location can be found to establish contact with the employee. His complete location movements within a period can be known while generating reports. This field tracking app can only be used for employee engagement and not for tracking vehicles or spare parts. The scope of this GPS based field tracking app is to record the activities of an employee and locate them on the field.